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Step out of darkness, and into yourself.


A place for dream facilitation. A place for healing. A place to grow.

Ishtar is inspired by the story of how the goddess entered the darkness of the underworld, but rose again. We know how so many of us may have entered what feels like a world of darkness with mental struggle, and we are offering a hand out. Through Yoga, Ayurveda, exploration of Dharma and healing, we can rise and evolve into the full expression of ourselves. One which is unchained from mental struggle. One which knows that anything is possible.



What do we offer?

We are a committed to helping people build mental and physical freedom through Yoga, Ayurveda, dharma and entrepreneurship.

We offer workshops in Ayurveda, Yoga Asana & Philosophy to work through the physical and energetic blockages which stop us from being able to hear our soul's whispers of what we truly desire.

Then, through our dharma workshops, photography and coaching, we guide you on how best to use your voice to build your business or project.

We also offer micro-business grants to help you kick start your business and activate your dreams. 









This is a platform to hold your divine blueprint for you when perhaps you cannot see it yourself. To nurture you through rebirth. To light our internal fires and to facilitate dreams.


Micro-Business Grants


It is my dream for us all to dream. And most importantly, to put dreams into action. 

That's why every month we give out small investments of £50-100 to individuals to begin their small business. 

I know that sometimes, all you need is something to get started. Enough to buy materials, or start a website, or put a deposit down on a market. This is my intention with the micro-business grants. Alongside the money, we will have a consultation to discuss how best to move forward with your dream and the next best steps.

To apply, simply send a 90 second video explaining your dream to or via our instagram.

I believe in you. 

Who is Ishtar?

Ishtar, called the Queen of Heaven by the people of ancient Mesopotamia, was the most important female deity in their pantheon. She was a goddess of love & sexuality, she was a winged warrior, but also responsible for all life as guardian of the gates of the storehouse of grains.  A power of contradictory connotations and forces, the bringer of storms but the protector of life.


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