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What is dharma? There are many different ways that this word has been translated, one of them is "that which has to be done". It is what spills out of you. The cosmic law behind your existence. When you are living it, you are fully present. There is no more seeking. 

For some, it may manifest as their work. For other's it may be becoming a parent. For some it may be living a life of service. There are no rules here. 

When it comes to the healing journey, we see cultivating your dharma as a hugely important step. It allows us to both step outside of ourself for a higher purpose, yet requires our human self to be the vessel for that purpose.


Therefore, we must heal the human, in order to serve others. And sometimes, in serving others, we also heal the human.

One of our focuses at Ishtar is elevating people's dreams into reality through our online business skills workshops. These are both in 1:1 and group settings.

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Are you feeling lost in your purpose? Or perhaps you are beginning to hear whispers of a calling but don't know where to start. 


In this intimate coaching portal we will explore the concepts of Ayurveda in relation to our individual doshas (our constitutions) and how these relate to the mind and actions. 

This will guide you as to how best to connect to your authentic self, to discover your dharma, and to use self understanding as a way to utilise your human vessel in the way it is naturally designed to. 

We will talk through the 9 Dharma Archetypes, to reconnect you to your natural way of expressing your dharma in the world.

Together we will create your Dharma Blueprint - the road map to your passion and purpose.

We will discuss how to remain grounded and balanced in your doshas to successfully build your vision and to make conscious and aligned choices for your life.

WEEK 1:  Introduction to Ayurveda and Understanding your Unique Constitution.

WEEK 2: Understanding your Dharma Archetype

WEEK 3: How to utilise and nurture your Dharma Archetype

WEEK 4: Mapping Your Dharma Blueprint

WEEK 5: Next Steps, Goal Setting and understanding how the doshas show up in the entrepreneurial process.

WEEK 6: Check in.

You will emerge from this portal feeling confident, empowered and with clarity about the path to walk as you step into your dharma.

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You deserve to be seen. Photography is a celebration of everything that has gotten you to where you are now. It is so important to be captured in your wild essence.

These photoshoots are most aligned for those who wish to be captured in Nature. Where they can connect to the original source and express their wild soul. 

View my portfolio here.

What to Expect from a

Wild Soul Photography Package with Emily?

2 Hours of Adventure and Photoshoot

Minimum 30 digital images


 Online | 2 Hours

In the past, building a website required knowledge of complex coding and computer technicality. Now, with the help of "Website Builders" anyone can create a website, even if you have little experience with computers. 

In this masterclass, Emily will guide you through using the Website Builder "Wix" to show you how to begin creating this key platform for your business to grow from. 

No previous web design experience is required. It is helpful if you already know what you would like your business to offer. However, you can also attend this workshop without any current business ideas, as simply an expansion of your skills.

This is offering is currently a 1:1 online workshop. Group versions coming soon.

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 Online | 1.5 Hours

We all know that a social media presence is an integral part of any business in the modern world. But, done badly, it can do more harm than good and actually put off potential clients! Not what we want.

There is some outstanding content creation out there, and in this workshop I will guide you through social media strategy, as well as simple design tools to use to create beautiful, heartfelt graphics and content for your social channels which truly shares your message. Communications is about creating a story that people want to hear. It is about creating person centred content that celebrates the individuality of both the company and the customer. Let's tell your story.

This is offering is currently a 1:1 online workshop. Group versions coming soon.

If you would like to register for a package of any of these workshops, please get in touch for a a discount to start you off on your journey.


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