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We are proud to love, represent and support the following:


Anuttara Tantra Yoga Ashram 

Experience the Transformative Power of Tantra. 


Tantra reveals that a rich and fulfilling life isn't confined to caves or monasteries. For centuries, it has guided individuals like you towards awakening the Sacred in their daily existence.

Based in Northern Canada BC, Anuttara Ashram was founded by two beautiful souls, Artemis Emily Doyle and Bhairav Thomas English. They have a variety of incredible online resources to explore Tantra, Yoga, and connecting to the Hridaya, the Seat of the Heart. Their teachings are rooted in authentic lineage from India and they offer incredible courses including the following:

  • ONLINE 200 Hour  Online Yoga and Meditattion Teacher Training

  • The Tantric Heart Series

  • Free Tantra Mantra Sadhana Course

  • 30 Hour YA The Path of Awakening Course

  • Living from the Heart Course

  • 8 Hour YA Shielding, Fortifying & Sharing Energy Course

Indigo Luna Sustainable
Yoga Wear

Indigo Luna is a small brand, dedicated to thoughtful slow creation. Reducing unnecessary impact on other beings and our planet while providing an alternative to mass production and fast fashion.

Their garments are designed to celebrate the complex and evolving female form made for all women to feel safe and held. Clothing created in beautiful simple shapes, earthy colours from recycled or organic materials. 

All of their collections are purposely created in small, sustainable runs and they plan to run out of stock. Everything is cut, sewn and dyed by loving human hand, and we ensure that every person involved in production works in comfortable, safe conditions.

At Indigo Luna, they embrace the art of slow, sustainable creation, beautifully intertwined with nature.

Capturing Balinese artistry, they incorporate care, time, and dedication into each garment. When given the choice, they will always choose people, the planet and doing good.

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